Finra Sues David Lerner Firm

Finra Sues David Lerner Firm

Finra Sues David Lerner Firm

I have often had people ask me to look into these REITs and I have often had trouble figuring out how they were structured, this lawsuit could explain why. Lerner proclaims their innocence so we will see who is right here but this is another sign that investors need to be careful with things that are not publicly traded and they have to rely on the provider to tell them the market value.

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  1. early says:

    Earl Bronsteen says:
    June 2, 2011 5:31 pm
    I just published a book about my visits to THREE Of Lerner’s seminars last year, THE ADVENTURES OF A FREE LUNCH JUNKIE. The book also tells of visits to 47 other free lunches, several given by companies with checkered careers, but it’s a satire and very funny. Earl Bronsteen

  2. That is funny, I bet you have some great stories. I will have to read it when I have a chance.

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