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How Harvard and Yale Beat the Market

Harvard, Yale and other large college endowments consistently beat the stock market while taking less risk. While individual investors don’t have access to many of the money managers and vehicles that these endowments use, they can still learn and implement a lot from their investment strategies. How Harvard and Yale Beat the Market explores the benefits of individuals investing like endowments and shows investors how to structure an endowment type of portfolio. This book outlines tips and secrets from a money manager who designs portfolios for clients based on endowment investment strategies.

ISBN: 0470401761, Hardcover $19.98

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Financial Secrets of My Wealthy Grandparents

While there are many books that tell younger people how to plan for retirement, there are very few that tell you what you need to do when you get there. Financial Secrets of my Wealthy Grandparents is here to change that.

By sharing the secret behind his wealthy grandparents’ success and the financial mistakes made by his poor grandparents, author Matthew Tuttle, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Practitioner, aims to help you steer clear of those mistakes. He covers a number of key concepts, including:

– The most common mistake retirees make and how to avoid it
– What your stockbroker didn’t tell you about your mutual funds
– What you need to look for in a long-term care insurance policy
– Three Common IRA Mistakes That Could Cost Your Family Millions of Dollars
– How to ensure that your money outlives you and not the other way around
– How to ensure that no matter what happens in the economy, the markets, or the world you can still feel confident that you are on track to reach your goals

Let Financial Secrets of my Wealthy Grandparents be your guide to a financially secure retirement!

ISBN: 0595406319, Paperback- $14.95 

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Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10.21.35 PMThe Eventual Millionaire

How Anyone Can Be An Entrepreneur and Successfully Grow Their Startup

An Eventual Millionaire is someone who knows they will be a millionaire, eventually. But they want to do it on their own terms—with an enjoyable life and an enjoyable business. Eventual Millionaires are everywhere, from the airplane pilot looking to start his own business for more freedom and money to a student looking to start her life on the right foot to a successful business owner needing inspiration and wondering how to take her business to the next level.

There are many ways to become a millionaire, but research has often shown that creating your own business is one of the best ways to build wealth. The Eventual Millionaire will lay the foundation for those looking to start their own business and work their way toward financial independence and a fulfilled life.

– Contains the insights of more than 100 millionaires and their various experiences
– Written by Jaime Tardy, founder of and a business coach for entrepreneurs
– A companion website includes an “Eventual Millionaire Starter Kit” with worksheets, business plan documents, and much more

We all want to be successful and enjoy financial security, but we might not know how or don’t think we can do it. The Eventual Millionaire will show you what it takes.

ISBN: 1118674707, Hardcover $17.68

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